From time to time people ask me if they can get previews before I put new work online. Unfortunately, doing this for each person separately has become unmanageable. So now I’m sending out previews via Whatsapp Broadcast.

Do you want previews? It’s just three easy steps:

1. Grab your phone
2. Add my phone number to your contact list: +32486445893
3. Send me a Whatsapp message saying “Hi Jan, can you add me to your preview list?”

Good to know:

– If you don’t add my number to your contacts, this Broadcast thing won’t work (nor if you don’t let me know you want to be added to the list).

– This isn’t a Whatsapp group, so don’t worry about tons of messages from strangers. With Whatsapp Broadcast, you’ll receive my preview messages in a normal, 1-to-1 Whatsapp chat. Want to know more about Whatsapp Broadcast? Check this.

– No longer want to receive my previews? Just send me a message saying something like “Hi Jan, please delete me from your preview list.” I’ll try not to cry 😉